Harrow Meals Service

Harrow Council provide a cooked Meals Service offering nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your door.

This service is now available to private customers and those that were previously provided through Meals On Wheels.
All new clients need to register with a week’s notice of their chosen start date.

How the meal service works

meal service meal2

Our team offers a wide range of menu choices, as well as special requirements such as modifying food textures for people with difficulties consuming and digesting food.

All our meals are premade and cook daily, kept warm during transit as costumers are advised to have a plate or tray to place on arrival of delivery. The menus cater to suit most religious or cultural preferences, underlining health conditions and allergies.

Our designated drivers are dedicated to caring about the client’s needs and welfare. They’re trained to check our client’s wellbeing ensuring they are safe and deliver meals upholding a cordial manner. All our drivers have a disclosure and barring services (DBS) checked and fully capable within customer services.