Harrow Meals Service

This service is now available to private customers and those that were previously provided through Meals on wheels.

Harrow Council provide a cooked Meals Service offering nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your door hot, chilled or frozen.

A flexible and reliable service that meets your individual needs and includes options such as:

  • Daily deliveries
  • Weekly deliveries
  • Additional meals (such as a meal for evening, breakfast or even a guest)
  • You may have the meals as often or as little as you like, some of our customers will just have one each week and other customers use us every day. No contract required!

Meals are provided:

  • Ready plated hot food for consumption when delivered
  • Frozen meals — order your meals for the week that can be cooked from frozen at your convenience.
  • *Chilled - can be kept in the fridge until you are ready to eat.

Additional benefits for elderly or vulnerable customers will include:

  • A daily welfare check
  • Delivery of basic grocery items such as bread, milk, eggs etc.

All meals are nutritionally balanced, full of flavour, with carefully controlled levels of salt, sugar and fat. Ingredients used are fresh, and locally sourced wherever possible.
If you have special dietary needs please let us know. We will cater for your personal requirements whether, it be gluten / dairy free, Hala or tailor made to suit a diabetic diet.
As the meals are made bespoke for each individual customer, we can provide soft, chop and puree if needed.

We have a 4 week rotational menu. Each day we have an option of 4 main courses and 4 puddings.
We also provide breakfast and salads that can be delivered with your main course and kept in the fridge for when required.

Orders can be made with the driver at the time of deliver each day / week or you may wish to place the orders by phone / email. Payments can be made by debit card/ cheque per delivery or at the start / end of the week.

Family members that wish to place orders and arrange payment can do so by contacting us to set up an account and pay by a monthly invoice.

It could not be simpler, and it means you can enjoy a hot meal whenever you require, once a week every day or even twice a day.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please call us on 020 8736 6200.

*Chilled Meals

We recommend chilled delivery if this can be accommodated. Meals that are pre-heated or kept hot in transit can destroy vitamins and enzymes that aid digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Simple microwave instructions are provided with each meal.


Harrow Social services users

Kosher meal (hot or frozen) £10.30

Private customers

Standard or Asian meal (hot) From £7.50
Standard or Asian meal (frozen) £6.50
Kosher meal (hot) £11.00
Kosher meal (frozen) £11.00