Meal Service Menus & Pricing

We have a 4 week rotational menu. Each day we have an option of 4 main courses and a pudding.

Additional Menu items can also be ordered on a daily basis e.g. Soups and Side Salads.

If you wish order Halal, Asian, Kosher or Vegetarian please either submit an online enquiry or contact us on 0208 736 6200


New customer offer, 20% discount for purchases if purchased for the whole week


British/European (hot) £7.50 +VAT
Asian Meal (hot) £7.50 +VAT
Afro-Caribbean £7.50 +VAT
Kosher Meal (hot) £11.00 +VAT
Kosher Meal (frozen) £11.00
Frozen Meal Service £6.50
Soups and Side Salads £3.00 +VAT