What if the job will take a long time or is not in the list of available services?

Larger jobs that require more specialist skills and equipment such as plastering or tiling are possible, but are priced on application. 

What if the job isn’t completed in the time that I have booked?

Don’t worry. If the handyperson doesn’t have to go directly to another job, they will be able to stay to finish the task and charge for the additional time (per hour). If the handyperson does need to leave, you can book the next available slot through the online booking system at your convenience.

How can I pay for extra time or materials?

The handyperson will have a card machine with them, so payment can be taken with a credit/debit card.

When will the handyperson arrive?

If you make a booking for the morning then the handyperson will arrive between 9am-1pm.  If you make a booking for the afternoon, then it will be between 1pm-5pm.  We may be able to give you a more precise arrival time on the day of your booking.

Can I book for tomorrow?

A next day service is currently not available. If the pilot is successful, we will consider looking at introducing this.