Benefits for the community

Our job is managing filming in Harrow and to ensure we represent and benefit both the community and the council.

Filming helps to raise the profile of Harrow to a wide audience and can be a source of revenue for the council. Revenue from filming helps us to sustain essential council services and creates social value for the wider community and local causes.

London has a major international film industry that generates revenues of over £4 billion per year and employs approximately 70,000 people working in the UK film industry. By effectively managing and facilitating increased filming in Harrow we aim to be at the forefront of this exciting industry. 

We actively encourage film makers to come to an agreement with people in the community before they start filming if there is likely to be any disruption to the community. They might offer to make donations to local associations of residents or traders, community projects like maintenance of local parks or to local charitable causes. Filmmakers will often offer opportunities to Harrow residents, such as positions for young people on film sets.