Mice can spread disease and create health risks particularly in kitchens or where children might play. They can also cause damage to your property, furnishings and equipment. We can provide treatment and advice for preventative measures in proofing your property against pests.

Checking for common signs of mice will help to identify a problem early, ensuring that quick and effective treatment can be carried out.

Identifying a Mouse problem


Small and dark about the size of a grain of rice (approx. 3 - 8 mm in length), scattered randomly, check inside cupboards, on work tops or along skirting.

Scratching noises

Often at night. Noises between partition walls, under floorboards, in false ceilings, basements and lofts.


Using easy to shred materials, mice then line the nest with other soft materials.

Live or dead mice

Spotting a mouse in daytime can be an indication of a heavy infestation.

Strong smell

Mice urinate frequently and a strong ammonia-like smell can indicate mice.

A mouse on some grain
Rat Trap


Book an appointment at a time that suits you (a.m. or p.m. only). Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Our National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) accredited Pest Control Officers (PCO), will inspect the property, assess the problem and carry out the best course of treatment. Our extensive knowledge of rodents gives us expert insight into how mice behave and the most effective way to treat them.

The Pest Control Officer will agree a treatment and carry this out during the visit. (All treatments are tailored to ensure the safety of family and pets)

Our PCO will make an agreed number of follow-up visits until the problem is resolved.

Mouse Eating Wheat


Following our assessment and treatment we will also offer prevention advice to protect your property against any further issues.

There are various ways of controlling mice and prevention is always best. The most important concept in mice prevention is to eliminate the things on your property that attract mice namely, food and shelter. The first one is obvious - don't leave out rubbish that mice can access, pick up fallen fruit from fruit trees, do not leave pet food or bird food outside, etc.

However, we also understand that despite these precautions, mice infestations may still occur and you may need to rodent proof your property. The pest officer will survey your property and offer advice on proofing, which can also be provided for a small fee.

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