Landlord Packs

Being a landlord can be daunting with the amount of legislation and requirements in place. This includes keeping your rented properties safe and free from hazards, ensuring you meet the legal requirements around tenancy deposits, checking a tenant has a right to rent, providing statutory information to tenants and meeting all the other legal requirements around gas, electricity, smoke detectors and other aspects.

Our landlord pack will assist you in meeting your requirements by providing an overview of what you need to do, backed up with official government guidance and also template documents that can be used. It provides information of residential licensing schemes to help you understand if you need one prior to letting your premise/s as well as useful contact details such as planning, building control and council tax services.

The pack includes:

  • What you must know and check before becoming a landlord and renting out a premise
  • Guidance on the redress, tenancy deposit, and right to rent schemes
  • Template documents including tenancy agreements, and eviction notices
  • Overview of legislation that landlords must meet
  • Details of the Housing Health & Safety Rating Scheme, which identifies risks in any domestic premise
  • Standards applied to Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector requirements
  • Information about landlord associations
  • Guide to different services that can assist in being a landlord
  • Future legislation and what it means for you (e.g. Housing and Planning Act 2016)

As part of the pack, on provision of an email, you will also get a quarterly newsletter that keeps you up to date with the rented sector as well as updates on upcoming and new training courses and seminars.

If you need further advice and guidance, we offer a consultancy service. Find out more here.